Dynasty Chemical Corporation is warning customers of a potential phishing/financial scam. A couple customers received requests for payment that, at a glance, appeared to be from Dynasty Chemical. The requests were part of a phishing scam. Unless a request for payment is on our letterhead and unless it originates directly from us, assume that it may be phony. We urge any customer who receives such a request, or suspects anything unusual, to contact us immediately. Please call 518.463.1146 to verify the legitimacy of any payment request.


Mission Statement

To be known throughout the industry for innovation, superior customer service and integrity by providing our customers state of the art products, services and programs at a competitive price.

Welcome to Dynasty Chemical Corp.


Our product line contains everything to fulfill your cleaning needs including: dish washing products, degreasers, disinfectants, sanitizers, glass cleaners, laundry and floor care products, Ice Melts, Automotive Solvents and Lubricants, Diesel Additives, Boiler Treatments, and  more.

See our Product Line Section for a detailed list of our products.

Award-winning customer service doesn?t happen by accident. Our people learn how to anticipate what customers want and meet their needs before they even ask. We eliminate problems before they become problems. Dynasty Chemical Corp's service is famous for that kind of attention, and it creates solid, very-long-standing relationships with customers. We don?t have such a thing as a one-time sale.

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